Why Liz Gold?

The friendly staff at LIZ GOLD will take time with each customer. As we strive to offer the best customer service and build lasting relationships with each and every customer and provide them with a secure service that they deserve.

If you have any unwanted Rare Coins, Sovereigns, Krugerrands, Collectible Gold Coins, Heirlooms and Gold Medallions which is not suitable to your preference or simply want to convert it into cash, one of our staff members will assist you in getting you a quote that only should you be happy with the quote you can sell the item to us with an instant eft payment made to you while you wait.

Without any obligation to you and free of charge we will be privileged to assess the value of your Gold Coins and Medallions and make an offer to you, in a friendly, secure atmosphere of style, discretion, elegance and professionalism

Service and we look to build lasting relationships for repeat buyer and sellers of Gold.

International Gold Prices:

8 hour (New York) ZAR price p/oz
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24 hour ZAR price price p/oz
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